Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Geek My Kindle!

I set out today to post some geeky Kindle cases. There are a lot out there people! I can't share every single one, so I'll just show the ones that stuck out to me.

(And as a side note, for you ipod/iphone people, I swoon at the sight of ohmycake's wonderful ipod cases! I can't decide which I like more... the Poptart or the Toast...Sadly since I don't have an ipod or an iphone, I'll just be happy with my Kindle.)

First a little something for you Hitchhiker fans:

Found via: Craft

Angry Birds:

Made by UptownAvenue

And Mario is always in style:

Made by Nokomomo

And can it be? It is!

Tardis by MyFunkyCamelot

And a lovely Steampunk-ish gem:

And I do recommend Joevleather's store! LOVELY!

And one more since I can't leave off with an odd number and because the little guy practically demanded that I share him:

Made by ohmycake

See what I mean? Those great big eyes begging... pleading... buy meeeee... Must... resist...cute...pig...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Mwaahahahahaha. :)

So I decided I should start a blog... mostly because there is no way on earth my FB friends like having their home feed spammed by my geek attacks. :) The point of this is to give me an outlet. :)

A little about me:
I'm a half time novelist... meaning I start a novel(total cool story lines, might I add)... and only write half of it before moving on to another story... :P
I'm a melancholy personality. Sometimes, I make Eeyore look like Tigger...
I love my animals; a rescued Quaker Parrot named Harley... he was abused and only likes me...and even that is subject to change from time to time. :P A rescued American Bulldog named Dodge... 80lbs of "OH! I WANNA GO THIS WAY!"(Think Chance from Homeward Bound ). And last but not least, a Bearded Dragon named Cleopatra.
I am the oldest of 10 children.
I still live at home with my parents(give me a break, I'm only 19).
I wish so bad that I could be a Cultural Anthropologist... but I don't have the money...
I've read more than 1,400 books in my lifetime.
I spend HOURS reading Epbot, Girl Genius and Cake Wrecks.
I'm into Steampunk.
I play Viola and Violin.
Due to "weird bones"(no joke, the exact words the Dr. used), I hear differently than most people; As a result, music is a passion of mine. Not only do I hear music, I feel it in my head.
I would love to go to a Comic convention, but sadly, it has never happened.
Pirates are a passion of mine. :) (Henry Every= BEST PIRATE EVER!!!)

And I think that should be enough... So... yeah, this is me. :)