Friday, January 13, 2012

Introduction to Paili.

Today I will introduce you to Paili(not her real name). Paili is thirteen(ALMOST FOURTEEN!). She is a sanguine and likes to make all of us laugh. But... she reminds me of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. Keep that in mind when you read the following story.
I walked into the dining room yesterday and this scene unfolded;

*Paili is hanging a reindeer toy from the ceiling with a bungee cord*
Me: What the crap are you doing?
Paili: I'm decorating the house.
Me: Ummm... You know it's after Christmas, right?
Paili: So?
Me: And ya'll call me morbid? Look at what you're doing!
Paili: You are morbid.
Paili: It sounds worse when you say it out loud.
Me: You hung a reindeer from the ceiling!
Paili: Well... That's what Santa gets for running over grandma!
Me: *facepalm*
Paili: Wanna help?
Me: No thanks...

And to tell the truth... this is a normal day at my house. Keep and eye out for the "Paili is a hoot" tag to get a good laugh.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

I started to call this post Tidbits because it's so scattered.

Sorry for not posting often. The later months of the year are always very busy. And being a starter doesn't help. I truly intend to post... it just doesn't happen...

And I was just getting used to writing 2011 on everything. Now I have to start with 2012...

So the next few months are my last as a teen. I'll be turning twenty in March, but for some reason, I can't give up my cartoons... Or my teddy bears.

I wrote a book. I'm still ironing things out. It's a rough first draft but I finished a book!

So, for Christmas, my parents normally add to my immense library. Last year I even received a signed first review copy of Here There be Dragons! But this year I was given $200 dollars along with a few presents. I'll probably get a few books, but I imagine I'll spend a large portion of it on my 1978 Ford pick-up.

My New Years resolutions:
Fix my Truck and get it running.
Spend at least four hours a week working on my music.
Learn at least one music piece besides my Suzuki pieces.
Post at least twice a week.

What are your resolutions?